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Want to Die? Dignitas Help You | WTF -

Want to Die?Dignitas will Help You. WTF ! Promoting Suicide - Article
Life is the most Important and Precious Gift of God , but there are some hopeless and Careless people who don't want to live and These people don't know that How much precious is their life. So There is a Non-Profit Organization working in Switzerland , which is helping people to commit suicide in a Legal way or assisted/accompaniedsuicide to those members of the organisation who suffer from terminal illness and/or severe physical and/or mental illnesses, supported by (of the organization independent) qualified Swiss doctors.  Read More about DIGNITAS below and keep following us on .

Members of Dignitas who wish for an assisted suicide have to be of sound judgement, themselves able to do the last act which brings about death, and submit a formal request including a letter explaining their wish to die and most of all medical reports showing diagnosis and treatments trie…