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Fraud Reveal ! Usman Malik by Team [YPS] Youth Power Society -

FRAUD REVEAL by Team YPS USMAN SHABBIR MALIK (Fraud Social Worker) Member of Youth Power Society Read Complete Story...
Usman Shabbir Malik, is a prominent Pakistani philanthropist, social activist, ascetic & humanitarian. He is the Founder & Head of the Youth Power Society. Read a complete Story Below and keep following us on for further details and updates.

Fraud Reveal:- By Team YPS
Organisation: "YOUTH POWER SOCIETY" (Unregistered NGO)
Founder: USMAN SHABIR MALIK (Corrupt Social Worker)
USMAN MALIK :Website  ,  Facebook ID  ,  Facebook Page

The basic and prime objective of any NGO is to collect funds from the public and stimulate those funds in the good cause by providing the needy and poor people with food, clothes, shelter, health and education however, an NGO also works to fight against exploitation, injustice and corruption if found against any individual, clas…

Zahra Abbas - IBA - Success Story -

Zahra_Abbas is a living example of breaking barriers. An energetic girl who born with deformity of all four limbs. You can Read complete Story below and keep following us for further stuff only on .

Zahra_Abbas is a living example of breaking barriers. An energetic girl who born with deformity of all four limbs. Indeed, life was so much difficult for her but her family supported her and with all the energies that she had put her in a dominant role to give a shut up call to all the people who criticized her in every manners. 
She didn�t let her disability to ruin her life, she completed her studies, wrote with her elbows and got Gold Medal from CM Punjab Shehbaz Sharif as a special prize in Matriculation Board exams. 
She did MBA from Punjab University and now she is an integral part of a Management, Development and Consulting organization. She is leading her life and working in all circumstances with courage and mot…

Want to Die? Dignitas Help You | WTF -

Want to Die?Dignitas will Help You. WTF ! Promoting Suicide - Article
Life is the most Important and Precious Gift of God , but there are some hopeless and Careless people who don't want to live and These people don't know that How much precious is their life. So There is a Non-Profit Organization working in Switzerland , which is helping people to commit suicide in a Legal way or assisted/accompaniedsuicide to those members of the organisation who suffer from terminal illness and/or severe physical and/or mental illnesses, supported by (of the organization independent) qualified Swiss doctors.  Read More about DIGNITAS below and keep following us on .

Members of Dignitas who wish for an assisted suicide have to be of sound judgement, themselves able to do the last act which brings about death, and submit a formal request including a letter explaining their wish to die and most of all medical reports showing diagnosis and treatments trie…

Street Crimes - Article / Letter to the Editor By Faiz Ali -

Street Crimes
Article / Letter to the Editor
Read an Article / Letter to the Editor about "Street Crimes" by Faiz Ali, Lahore . Submit your articles / Letters & we will publish them on .

Street Crime has become a common issue these days in the city of Karachi and almost everywhere the youth is targeted in these crimes and the most common target to snatch are mobile phones.

These robbers come well armed and well prepared both physically and psychologically to commit the crimes. These people overpower the victim by fear and weapons. The youth these days is very much in fear that whether to carry a mobile phone or cash while traveling at any time of the day. It is not just night time that is dangerous but also day time. Anytime, anyplace and by any means these culprits get hold of helpless and innocent people walking on the street and rob them of all valuables, cash and mobile phones.

I request the authorities responsible for security i…

Inferiority Complex By Afshan - Article / Letter to the Editor -

Inferiority Complex Article / Letter to the Editor
Read an Article / Letter to the Editor about "Inferiority complex" by Afshan,Karachi. Submit your articles / Letters & we will publish them on .

Students competes each other crazily in fashion which creates inferiority complex in students that belongs to poor families which ultimately leads to their poor performance in the studies as well as decrease in their confidence level. This inferiority complex has very bad impact on the personality of the poor students.

There must be a uniform for all institutes including colleges and universities, so that the students that belong to poor families can also continue their education with out the inferiority complex.


Afshan Hussain


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